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Bear Bait necessities to bait your bear

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Mixed Cookies $290, Bear Mix $340, Cookie Dough 0.26 cents a pound, Granola $340, Trail Mix 0.27 cents a pound.

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Mixed Cookies $90, Granola $100, Bear Mix $100, Rice krispie treats $100, Cookie Dough $140, Nuts $140, Macadamia Nuts $140, Trail Mix $140, Cranberry Granola Mix $115, Caramel Corn $90, Peanut Butter Bars (out of stock) $85. Sunflower seed (hearts) trail mix $130.

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10-13 lb. Bags Ready For The Woods


Bear Mix, Popcorn, Cheeto Mix, Marshmallows, Cereal Marshmallow mix, Skittles, Caramel Corn, Cookies, Pretzels, Lucky Charms Marshmallow Mix, Trail Mix,Yogurt Chips, Snicker Crumbles, Peanut Butter Bar Crumbles, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Gummies, Licorice.

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Sweet Toppings


Honey Extract, Marcino Cherry Juice, Variety of Butter Cream Frostings, 6-gallon pails of Peanut Butter and Caramel. Variety of Jellies in bag in a box or pails, Chocolate Syrup, Maple Syrup.

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Bait 'em 907 Products, and more.

Gel Balls, Yo-Yo's, Powders. Variety of Spray Scents, Friar Grease (additives available), Butterscotch, Caramel

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Inventory Changes Daily, Prices Subject to Change. **Barrel Deposit May Be Required**

Call or Text Jeff @ (218) 380-8411 

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Bring your own 5 gallon pail or purchase one for $3 and choose from a variety of bait to fill your pail; bear mix, sunflower seeds, cookies, nuts, granola, cookie dough, mix of cookies, 
$10-$15$3 to purchase a pail if you do not bring one.

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55 gallon Barrel***Special*** $85

Peanut Butter Wafer Cookies in 55 Gallon Drum for $85......Valid until all gone!!!! Act Fast, this won't last long!!!!

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